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Green Owl Privacy Policy
  • Green Owl takes your privacy seriously. I never rent, sell, loan, or give your name or any of your information to anyone for any reason.

  • All information collected is used to provide better service to you. I deeply respect your privacy. 

  • If you register with Green owl, you may receive an occasional e-mail to alert you to special opportunities. You may opt out of these mailing by sending an email to me ( at any time. 

  • I may contact you via telephone upon receiving a reservation request. Usually single personal contact or message on your voice mail, text or email is all you will receive  

Green Owl Terms and Conditions

I would like everyone to feel welcome and comfortable at Green Owl. The information listed here under Terms and Conditions is for guests so they can choose a place that best fits what they want in vacation lodging.  Green Owl is child friendly, welcomes everyone and is as allergy free as a home in the country can be.

Green Owl Terms and Conditions are the standards and policies at Green Owl. The Guest (hereafter Guest or Guests) hereby agrees to abide by all Conditions. For questions or clarifications, please contact Mary Prentice ( operator of Green Owl Lodging. Within this document, the term “refund” refers to an amount credited to the Guest equal to the cost of the complete stay, unless otherwise specially noted.


While Green Owl makes every attempt to offer all amenities listed below, we cannot guarantee these services.

  1. AIR CONDITIONING & HEAT: I do not have central air conditioning but there are portable air conditioners in the Garden View room and upstairs in the Vista View room. Guest rooms have ceiling fans. I rarely use the propane fueled central heat but it is available if you are cold. Adult guests may use the fireplace responsibly, the screen guard must be kept closed at all times. To accommodate each guest’s needs each room is equipped with a portable heater and extra down comforters. Please turn off heaters, air conditioners, fans and lights when you leave your rooms. If you are cold or hot please let us know so we can help you be more comfortable.

  2. GAMES: Numerous fun table games are available in the pine chest in the living room.

  3. LIBRARY: The Nest offers an excellent library of philosophy and world religion books as well as children's books. Guests are welcome to read the books but the host requests that the books not leave the house, if they are taken guest will be charged for the book so it may be replaced. 

  4. TELEVISION: In order to promote a peaceful and restful environment for our Guests, Green Owl does not provide monitors for television, video or DVD disk viewing. Guests may use their personal computers for this purpose provided the volume does not disturb other guests.

  5. INTERNET USE: Because we are out in the back country we only get satellite Wi-Fi which means our service is REALLY slow; therefore I don’t recommend streaming movies or gaming. I will give you user name and password to home internet service when you arrive

  6. REFRIGERATOR, MICROWAVE & TOASTER OVEN are available in the dining room for guest use.

  7. BREAKFAST & Food Preparation: Complementary Organic Coffee and Tea is served from 7 am to 10 am along with a light breakfast of Organic Cereals and Organic milk. From 8 am-10 am you may use the kitchen to prepare your breakfast if you have brought your own food. 

I. CHECK-IN TIME & PROCEDURE: Check in is anytime after 3 pm, if guest plans to be later than 7 pm please call or text with estimated time of arrival. Note: If I cannot be at Green Owl to greet you personally I will text or email you the digital keypad code to open the front door. Guests may be required to present government issued photo identification. 

II. CHECK-OUT TIME & CHECK-OUT PROCEDURE: Check out is no later than 11 am. A $20 per hour or part thereof/per booking will be charged for check-outs after 11 am to 1 pm same day and a full day charge thereafter unless prior arrangement has been made. When you check out please leave guest room key on the key hook by front door. Guest will be charged a $10.00 fee for lost or missing keys. If host is home when you check out please send a text or email letting her know you are heading out. If host is not home when you check out please lock up the house by holding the front door firmly shut by the handle while you push the lock button on the bottom right corner of the keypad. The green light flashes to indicate that it has locked, please double check it to be sure it locked.

III. RATES: Room rates vary with each lodging option.  Each additional person (over the age of 2 yrs. and 12 months) in a room will be assessed an additional charge of $15. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Rates listed do not include applicable state & local taxes, cleaning fee or refundable security deposit.

IV. RESERVATIONS & PAYMENT: Reservations will be confirmed when payment in full is received via credit card payment through PayPal credit card services, booked through Airbnb or payment is sent by check in the mail and received with in 3-4 business days days from date of contact and statement of intent to book lodging (checks will be cashed before guest stay). A Confirmed reservation constitutes agreement by the guest that they have read and agree to Green Owl Terms and Conditions. 

A two (2) night or longer minimum stay may be required for weekends, i.e., Friday and Saturday or special events.

Guests are responsible for payment of entire reservation regardless of arrival or departure times.

Guests are financially responsible for entire reservation, regardless if Guest terminates stay early for any reason.

Mary Prentice (operator or Green Owl) reserves the right to cancel any reservation, at any time, with full refund of any money paid by Guests.

V. CANCELLATION POLICY: All fees assessed herein will be charged to the credit/debit card used to make the reservation.

For cancellations of reservations occurring within ten (10) days of stay the following policy applies: For stays of one (1) or two (2) nights, the Guest will be responsible for a fee of one (1) night’s rate per room.

For stays three (3) nights or longer, the Guest will be responsible for a fee of one-third (1/3) the total reservation.

No refunds for early departures.

For reservations not cancelled and not honored, Guest will be responsible for the entire reservation.

VI. RESPONSIBILITY FOR CHILDREN: Green Owl requirements of Guests bringing a child(ren) to Green Owl:

1. Child(ren) is to remain under the Guests’ full and complete control and supervision at all times.

2. The Guest accepts full and complete responsibility for their child’s’ behavior and will not hold Green Owl liable in any way and will indemnify and hold Green Owl harmless.


  1. FRAGRANCE FREE HOME: Due to allergies Green Owl is a Fragrance Free Household (please no perfumed products,     colognes & hairsprays)

  2. REGARDING WASTE DISPOSAL: 1) Green Owl is on a septic waste disposal system; PLEASE do not put ANYTHING other than the  obvious and toilet paper into the toilets! - This includes: Q-tips, Kleenex tissues, Flushable wipes,  women’s sanitary products, paper towels, small toys, etc …) 2) Recycle, trash and compost bins are available in the kitchen under the family portraits.

  3. ALCOHOL: Alcohol is not provided by Green Owl. Responsible consumption of alcohol is allowed. For Guests abusing this privilege (as determined by Green Owl), Guests will be asked to leave immediately without refund.

  4. PET POLICY: No pets inside or outside on Green Owl property

  5. ANIMAL CONTAINMENT: Guests are not to open chicken coop enter the yard where chickens free range during the day.

  6. ANIMAL FEEDING: No feeding chickens.

  7. ANIMAL PHYSICAL CONTACT: No physical contact with chickens is allowed. Guests’ touching, petting, picking up or handling any chickens in any way represents an acceptance of risk and understanding that animals may cause harm and/or injury by biting and/or other actions and behavior. Guests accept full responsibility for any harm and/or injury brought on by their actions (or their children’s actions) through contact with any animal. Guest will indemnify and hold Green Owl harmless for any Guest injury incurred by animal contact.

  8. COMBUSTIBLES: The burning of any type of combustible is not allowed in the guest room(s), the home or on the premises. This includes, but is not limited to candles and incense. This excludes proper use of the fireplace. Proper use and rules for fireplace ... No children may tend the fire, be left alone in the living room when fire is burning and the screen must remain in place at all times.

  9. COOKING: Cooking is not allowed in the guest room(s).

  10. COOLERS & ICE CHESTS: Prohibited in guest rooms, but in the case of Green Owl Home rentals coolers and ice chests on the deck outside the back kitchen door is permitted.

  11. FOOD & BEVERAGE CONSUMPTION: Food and beverages are not allowed over carpeted areas of the living home. You may eat in the dining room and out on the porches or during cold months, guests may eat on TV tray tables in front of the fire.

  12. FOOTWEAR INDOORS: For the health and safety of our Guests and due to the nature of the country environment (often times causing soiled footwear) we require the following of all our Guests: 1) Guest will ensure that footwear worn in the home on tiled floors are clean, dry, and are not soiled by outdoor dirt, mud, manure, etc. No outdoor footwear is to be worn on carpeted floors. 2) Prior to entering the home, footwear is to be inspected. 3) Guests are encouraged to bring alternative footwear with them to be worn in the home.

  13. QUIET TIME: Quiet time is between 9 pm and 7 am.

  14. SIGNAGE: Guests are to observe all signage as posted. Do not enter areas signed “Private,” “Private Entrance”, “Do Not Enter”, or “Private Quarters”.

  15. SMOKING: Green Owl is a 100% smoke free environment. This includes both inside the home and anywhere outside on the grounds. Green Owl takes this restriction very seriously. If a Guest smokes, they will be asked to leave immediately without a refund. If a Guest smokes in a Guest room, they will be asked to leave immediately without a refund, AND be responsible for a two (2) night room fee (for loss of room use while the room is being cleaned), PLUS a minimum $200 cleaning fee.

VIII. SAFETY: 1) SAFETY INSIDE: Keep the screen in front of the fire place closed at all times when  fireplace is in use. Please hold handrail going up and down stairs. 3) SAFETY OUTSIDE: Watch out for uneven ground, the  gophers & ground squirrels like to rearrange my flagstones and make holes in my walking paths! Please stay on the paths while exploring Green Owl property because there is poison oak on the premises. I have done my best to clear it from pathways but it sneaks back all the time.  Always remember “leaves of three, let it be!” Also during warm weather watch out for rattlesnakes; as you would on any hiking trails in Southern California! 

IX. ACCOUNTABILITY: Mary Prentice and/or her representative and property manager, Jack Corwin,  reserves the right to terminate the balance of any guest’s stay without refund for any behavior that is in violation of these Terms of Conditions, or that disrupts the operation of Green Owl. Guests asked to leave will be charged for entire reservation. Other fees may be assessed related to missing or damaged property, cleaning fees, loss of room use fees as appropriate and determined by Green Owl. The security features in place a Green Owl are meant to deter casual interlopers and are meant to ensure Guest safety and provide Guest privacy. Guest will not hold Green Owl liable for any damaged or missing Guest property or valuables, or for Guests’ safety. C. It is the Guest’s responsibility to inform the Mary Prentice or Jack Corwin of any special health issues or concerns they have that the they would need to be made aware of to insure the health and safety of the Guests’ stay.

X. ACCEPTANCE OF CONDITIONS: By booking at Green Owl I am agreeing to these terms & conditions.

Guests’ name (print legibly):____________________________________________________________

The Guests’ signature below constitutes an acceptance of all Terms and Conditions described herein:                                                                     __________________________________________________________________

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