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About Your Host: Mary Prentice

Hello! I would love to have you come visit my home here in Julian. Julian is a great little historic town with fun attractions, hiking, yummy restaurants and the peace and the quiet of being in the country. My husband Jack and I are often present in our private attached apartment when we have guests at Green Owl. Sometimes we are working in the art studio, in the gardens or in the office. We have separate entrances so if you have rented the whole house we will not be going through the house when your group is visiting. I am always happy to answer questions, give directions and recommend local restaurants and activities. Sometimes I may not be home in which case I will be available via texting and cell phone.

I am an Artist (media: stained glass, mosaics, paint and photography)as well as a Master Gardener practicing permaculture, organic and sustainable gardening. I’m also an Interdisciplinary Early Childhood professional with training in Montessori, Reggio Emelia and bit of Waldorf.

When I travel I look for relaxing, private, stress free environments which is what I like to offer here at Green Owl.

About Green Owl

Green Owl is a home, property and permitted Bed and Breakfast that is eco-friendly, going green and moving toward sustainability with careful thought and as much wisdom as is possible one step at a time. I reduce, recycle and re-use on a daily basis; buying organic and non-toxic in everything when possible, practicing organic / permaculture gardening as well as composting and water harvesting.

Important Information and Guidelines for staying at Green Owl ...

I would like everyone to feel welcome and comfortable at Green Owl. The information listed here is for guests so they can choose a place that best fits what they want in vacation lodging.  Green Owl is child friendly, welcomes everyone and is as allergy free as a home in the country can be.

Listed below are information & guidelines for Green Owl:

About the water: All water flowing into the house is well water. It has been filtered and tested and it is safe to drink. It contains the minerals iron & manganese so it is has a slight brown tinge to it which you may notice in the toilets or if you draw a bath. There is filtered water in a water dispenser in the dining room.

Note: Hot water is a solar hot water system, it takes a while to get hot, but it does get hot!


· No Candles and No Smoking Anywhere inside or outside on Green Owl property

· No pets inside or outside on Green Owl property

· Due to allergies Green Owl is a Fragrance Free Household (please no perfumed products,          colognes & hairsprays)

· Quiet hours when host or other guests are at home: 9:00pm until 7:00am

· Host’s apartment located at the back of the house & office through double doors at back of the living room are for host use only

· Ironing board and iron are available, please check with the host

· SHOES in the house ... Wearing shoes on the hardwood floors is okay; however when you go on carpeted areas please remove your shoes

· Green Owl is on a septic waste disposal system; PLEASE do not put ANYTHING other than the  obvious and toilet paper into the toilets! - This includes: Q-tips, Kleenex tissues, Flushable wipes, women’s sanitary products, paper towels, small toys, etc …)

SAFETY INSIDE:  Keep the screen in front of the fire place closed at all times when fireplace is in use. Please hold handrail going up and down stairs.

SAFETY OUTSIDE: Watch out for uneven ground, the  gophers & ground squirrels like to rearrange my flagstones and make holes in my walking paths! Please stay on the paths while exploring Green Owl property because there is poison oak on the premises. I have done my best to clear it from pathways but it sneaks back all the time.  Always remember “leaves of three, let it be!” Also during warm weather watch out for rattlesnakes; as you would on any hiking trails in Southern California! 

Wi-Fi Information: Because we are out in the back country we only get satellite Wi-Fi which means our service is REALLY slow; therefore I don’t recommend streaming movies or gaming.

I will give you user name and password to home internet service when you arrive.

When you book a reservation at Green Owl through Airbnb you will be asked to confirm that you have read the house rules.

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