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My name is Mary Prentice and Green Owl Art Studio is my creative business. I am an artist and designer who lives and works in a beautiful mountain location surrounded by wildlife, trees, gardens and orchards. My name, Green Owl, comes from a desire to care for the land I live on and to cultivate it with thoughtfulness and wisdom. My artwork is inspired by what I grow in my gardens, what I see and experience on long meandering walks and connection with guests from all over the world who find a peaceful night’s rest renting a room for a night or two in my home. I welcome you into my corner of the of the natural world!

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With a lifelong love for creative projects, including painting, illustration, photography, stained glass and mosaics, I find inspiration in the dance between design, drawing, and nature.

My journey led me through rigorous studies at Art Center College of Design, where I honed skills in illustration and advertising design. I dipped my toes into the business of advertising but it was in the bustling energy of art shows like the Beverly Hills and Westwood Art Shows where I found my true calling. There, I showcased detailed pen and ink drawings, each line infused with a love for illustrative work that told a story.

Seeking a deeper connection to myself and to community, I found myself drawn to the small town of Ojai, where I embraced the role of art educator. It was a joy to craft engaging projects that not only taught valuable skills but also sparked boundless creativity and enthusiasm in my students.

But life is an ever-evolving and eventually I landed on the sun-kissed shores of San Diego where I continued my business as an art educator. I loved the years I spent sharing the joy of creating art with students of all ages but when it was time to move on again I was ready for a change.

That change included living in New York and then moving back to California. I now live nestled in the oak forests of the Cuyamaca mountains where I am immersed in a world of natural wonders within easy travel distance to viewing the stunning springtime wildflowers of the Anza Borrego Desert and collecting intricate seashells on the shores of the Pacific ocean. The change in location and lifestyle sparked an energetic period of creating thriving vegetable, herb and flower gardens and diving back into photography.

It was while I was surrounded by nature, tending my gardens doing photography that I hit a large bump in the road…I was diagnosed with 3rd stage cancer. As I went through treatment I reconnected with drawing and painting as well as digital art. During this period I realized that I wanted to offer my drawings and paintings online to connect with others and share my love of nature.

During recovery I made a promise to myself that I would dedicate myself full-time to the creation of art that celebrates the beauty and magic of our world. Whether I'm painting the details of a tiny wildflower in watercolor, capturing the shy gaze of a fawn through the lens of my camera, or weaving digital dreams on my ipad, each piece is a testament to the gratitude I feel when I observe the nature that surrounds my life and the appreciation I have for the guests who visit my home looking for a moment of peace in the hustle and bustle of life.

So, as you peruse my gallery of creations, I invite you to join me on this journey of discovery and delight. Together, let's celebrate the magic of art and the endless wonders of our world.
With gratitude, Mary


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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